Around The Building

There are always projects we need help with around the building.

Whether its cleaning, yard work, light maintenance or just a desire to serve and get out of the house. Let us know and we can find the right job for you!

A short list of items we currently need help with

  1. Beautify stepping stones 2. Fix slip strips on wheelchair ramp

3. Raised garden Bed with flowers 4. Fix Sidewalk

5. Weeding and pruing 6. -stain/water seal stairwell

7. Flower Boxes 8. Fix/reinstall ceiling tiles

9. Picture display 10. Organize/Clean Elementary Room

11. Basement cleaning and garbage run 12. Basement spraying

-clean building -reattaching outlet fixtures

-power wash sidewalk

Project #1 - Stepping stones

(Behind basketball goal) - Estimated time 30 mins

Wouldn't it be lovely if these were cleaned off and a border added on both sides? We have plenty of loose rocks to accomplish this. Also we have one more stepping stone under the sign to make the path just a little more walkable.

Project #2 - Slip strips

(Handicap ramp) - estimated time 30 mins

Let's make sure everyone can enter the building safe and sound. There is a strip or two needing to be replaced and a few additional strips could be added.

Projec#3 Fix picnic Tables

They have been good tables and given us some wonderful years. But like all of us they are showing some age. Whether it be sealer, paint, or loose boards. These tables could use some work.

Time (indeterminate)

Project # 4 Fix Sidewalk

This stretch of walkway has become bumpy and uneven. We don't want anyone to trip so reconstructing this stretch of walkway might be in order. Would require cutting some roots, digging, and releveling.

Estimated Time (3 people / 5hours

Project # 5 Weeding and pruning

There are several foreign invaders in our flower beds that need pulled, pruned, or otherwise eradicated. Easier to handle sooner rather than later.

Estimated time - 1 person, 20mins

Tools at building

Project #6 - Stain Stairwell

We want this to last a long time. This means preventative care. We have brushes and the stain......just need the manpower.

Estimated time (with brushes) - 2 people /2hrs

(with Sprayer which we don't have) - 2 people / 1hr

Project #7 Flower Boxes

Some flower Boxes next to the shed would not only be beautiful, but could also help prevent some of those critters that love crawling under the shed. If its your project you get to pick the flowers!

Estimated time (without shopping for planter/flowers/soil) - 1 person/30mins

Project #8 - Ceiling Tiles

We have several in need of replacement downstairs in the men's bathroom and adjoining closet from a water leak a couple years ago. Replacement tiles are in the shed.

Approximate time - 1 person/1hr.

Project #9 - Pictures

Including current pictures from our past and present member is a great way to get to know each other. Anyone who would like to capture future events would be welcome.

Estimated time - 30mins/week.

Project #10

This room has become a catch all. We need to clean it out and get ready for new classes in the Fall.

Estimated time - 2 people/ 1 hr.

Projects #11 & #12 Basement

#11 - There is a lot that needs cleaned and removed from the basement. Not the least of which are some van seats.

Tools - pickup truck and/or Trailer

Estimated time - 2 people /1.5 hrs or more depending on how many loads you want to take.

#12 - We do some preventative pest spraying a couple times/year.

Tools - we have the spray

Estimated time 15-20 minutes.